What We Do

We help leaders create high performing organisations for a vibrant society.

We help you set your own goals for how you want to make your personal contribution to a vibrant society, and how you want your organisation to make its contribution under your leadership. Then, between us, we explore the changes that you need to make to make the difference.

Alice’s father used to say: ‘help is defined by the recipient’. If you don’t think what someone is doing is ‘help’ then it isn’t! So Future Inclusion’s approach is collaborative: we develop your coaching programme between us in the first two sessions. That way we can help you reveal and further develop your inclusive self.

Alongside our coaching offer, we can facilitate workshops for your Board or senior management team to help set the tone from the top.

And if we come across things in your organisation that need specific fixing, our associates will step in and bring their skills: diagnosis, analysis, impact assessment, policy development, project evaluation etc.


  • Individual leadership coaching for Board level executives

  • Facilitating workshops for Boards and senior teams

  • Audits, problem analysis and impact assessments

  • Developing strategy and policies

  • Project evaluation

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Hardworking, no-nonsense yet full of imaginative ideas - Alice is an inspiration to us all and many generations of young people to come.
— Dea Birkett - Writer, Journalist and Charity Director