How We Work

Each of us leads in our own way and in a unique context. No one can give you the answers, but we help you work them out, in a way that suits you, to:

  • sharpen your sense of purpose;

  • appreciate how you and your organisation enhance a vibrant society;

  • improve the correspondence between how you think about inclusion and how you behave; and

  • develop your capacity for inclusive practice both personally and across your organisation.

Inclusive practice is not just for the ‘champion’ or the ‘experts’ in your organisation. Leaders in particular need to act inclusively. We set the ‘tone from the top’ so that employees, stakeholders and customers can all act inclusively - if we don’t, someone will be left out and society loses vibrancy.

Each coaching session is an hour long, either over Skype, or on the phone, to save you time and travel. The first hour’s session is free, so we can establish whether we can work together effectively and the style and set up suits you. Thereafter, we establish a programme of sessions at intervals to suit your schedule and budget.